12 Interesting Facts About Mercedes SUV

mercedes suv

Mercedes SUV embodies luxurious comfort known for its safety and powerful performance. Karl Benz is the creator of this super fabulous car. And if you are a fan of the Mercedes SUV, then these facts are for you. 

These interesting and cool facts about the Mercedes SUV will blow your mind. And you will know a lot about the manufacturing processes and the struggles makers face. 

12 Facts Of Mercedes Suv

The Beginning

The invention and patent of the first modern automobile were done by Karl Benz in 1886. It was a three-wheeled vehicle that applied on 29 January 1886. The number of the vehicle was 37435; it is regarded as the birth certificate of the automobile. 

The Man With The First Driver’s License

A car parked on pavement near a forest

Karl Benz was the first person to apply and receive a driver’s license. 

The Shortest Test Drive

After dealing with several issues like a snapped chain link, engine stalling, Benz took the motorwagen for a test drive with his wife, Bertha. But he crashed into the wall of work. This is the world’s first and shortest test drive. 

The Woman Beside The Man

Bertha Benz is Karl Benn’s wife, who supported him throughout in all possible ways. She is the one who funded all his research and inventions. 

The First Road Trip

The first-ever automobile road trip was taken by Bertha Benz. She took her two sons on a round trip of 130 miles. 

Of Innovation And Bravado

While the historic road trip went off pretty smoothly, however, Bertha encountered several problems that she resolved with ingenuity. She created an insulator with one of her garters after using her hairpin to unclog the fuel pipe. 

Fuel From Pharmacies

The motorwagen made use of benzene as a fuel, which was later available in pharmacies. 

The World’s First Filling Station

The Wiesloch Pharmacy is the world’s first filling station, as, on the historic road trip, Bertha Benz had to stop to get their tank filled. Bertha Benz decided to go on the road trip so that she could promote her husband’s invention. Indeed she influenced hundreds of individuals and also frightened a few. At that time, motorized coaches were a rare sight to watch. 

The Foundation

The brand was founded by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. It was originally known as Daimler Benz and marketed by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for the first time in 1901.


The Mercedes SUV was named after Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of the automobile entrepreneur Emil Jellinek. He worked with DMG and was an outstanding marketing strategist. 

Monsieur Mercedes

Jellinek, in 1899, participated in Nice Race Week under the pseudonym Monsieur Mercedes. This is the very place where the legend of Mercedes Benz started on the racing track. 

First-Ever Motorsport

Gottlieb Daimler is given credit for running the Mercedes SUV and successfully winning the first-ever motor event held in 1894.


So these were some cool facts about your Mercedes SUV. I hope you like it and learn a lesson that great things like Mercedes SUVs don’t come overnight. Also, behind every great thing, there’s the hard work of hundreds of people. 

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