35 Coolest Car Devices and Accessories to Upgrade Your Travel Journey

Cars have become one of our greatest and most important investments so we do everything we can to maintain it. It is essential for us to make sure that our cars aren’t only clean and shiny, but also safe for its passengers. Whether you’re looking for stuff to keep your vehicle look clean and shiny, in search of a high-quality dashcam or a good charging device, or just finding some cool accessories to enhance your car’s appearance, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our collection of the best and coolest car devices and accessories that you can purchase to upgrade your car and driving experience to the next level!

1. 1 Piece 360 Degree Rotatable Blind Spot Convex Mirror Automobile Accessories

This multi-purpose convex rearview mirror has the ability to expand your view with a wider angle so you are able to avoid the blind spots while parking. Using this also allows you to freely adjust the angle of reflection freely (360 degrees).

2. 2pcs Car Mirror Protective Waterproof Film

Your car mirrors definitely need this during rainy days. A waterproof film that gives you a clearer vision on the side or rearview mirrors during heavy rains is here. It comes with anti-fog, dustproof, and waterproof effects when applied and comes with Nano hydrophilic technology which makes it more convenient to use.

3. 1080p Car DVR Double Dash 170 Degrees Wide Cameras With GPS Function WIFI

Get your car a high-quality dash camera! Our dashcam features 170 degrees wide-angle pre- and back-cam, 2.0′ widescreen, and loop recording, APP, WIFI and GPS. What’s more, it has a motion sensor activated, and its G-sensor registers force during an impact.

4. Baby Infant Portable Safety Seat

Your baby should always be safe and secured when traveling! Keep her protected while seated in your car by putting him in this baby infant portable safety seat. This isn’t only for the car but you can also use this in strollers as it comes with an adjustable belt to fit babies of different sizes.

5. 4pcs/set Car Door Handle Reflective Sticker

Made of high-quality material, this reflective sticker is indeed suitable for your car decals. What’s more interesting is that it comes with a bright reflection that it glows in dark places.

6. 3-Speed Portable Car Air Cooling Fan

Keep your car cool with the help of this Car Air Cooling Fan. Specially designed for backseats, this fan is also a user-friendly device with high-pressure fiberglass blades, three-mode adjustment, thin and is very portable and foldable. It as well comes with a protective grill for the safety of your children.

7. Car Accessory/Freshener for Air Vent

This cat freshener has a delightful fragrance of the natural essential oil that relieves stress and lightens your mood. Get hold of it in three (3) different scents: Ocean, Natural and Cologne.

8. Baseus Car Air Purifier

Made with natural activated carbon that effectively decomposes formaldehyde and car odor, putting this air purifier in your car can help in protecting the health of your family. It speeds up air circulation and purification, so the odor is eliminated and your car smells good inside.

9. Coolest Skydiver Silhouette Car Sticker

Make your car look even more elegant with this Coolest Skydiver Silhouette Vinyl Car Sticker. It comes in various designs for you to choose from to add posh to your wheels. 

This sticker is made with high-quality vinyl material so it is guaranteed durable and sure to last long. It is also waterproof and sunproof so it can endure harsh factors. Aside from being an ideal accessory for your car, this sticker also works on any personal stuff like skateboards, laptops, and tablets.

10. Car Ornament Universal Phone Holder

Love to use your phone while driving? That’s dangerous! But this tool can help you with that as it can hold your cellphone on the dashboard conveniently. It fits any kind of cellphone and comes with 360-degree rotation, so easy and convenient to use.

11. Lucky Horseshoe Hanging Ornament for Rearview Mirror

Included in the list of the best and coolest car devices and accessories is this Lucky Horseshoe Hanging Ornament for Rearview Mirror. How to use it? Just hang it on the rearview mirror and you’re good to go. This can also be a great present for your loved ones and friends!

12. Magnetic Ventilation Car Phone Holder For Mobile Phones

Improve your ventilation with this magnetic phone holder with strong magnets that can hold your phone driving on bumpy roads. It boasts a 360-degree adjustment and comes with a non-slip clamp.

13. Back Seat Universal Organizer

This amazing stuff is perfect in organizing the things you put in the car such as water bottles, pens, notebooks, tissue, and gadgets. It is also designed to be portable.

14. Reyann Safety Seat Belts for Pregnants

Every pregnant mom must have this new and latest pregnancy seat belt adjuster. This seat belt aims to provide every pregnant woman passenger or driver not just a comfortable driving experience but a safe one as well. It reduces discomfort and pain most especially for women who’ve had an abdominal or stomach surgery, cesarean section.

15. Mini Car Dent Remover Puller

Our Mini Car Dent Remover Puller can fix small dents in your car as it has a quick-release handle making it easy to apply to the affected area. This is also perfect for doors, windows, and mirrors.

16. Mini Car Automobile Digital Clock Thermometer Hygrometer

This easy-to-install gadget helps you tell time, temperature and humidity. With its classy and cute design, it makes a great decoration or accessory in your vehicle too.

17. 12V Meter Oil And Water Temperature Sensor 1/8 NPT

Heads up, Honda car owners! With this device’s ability to sense temperature Range from 20 to 170 Celsius, you definitely must grab our 12V Meter Oil And Water Temperature Sensor 1/8 NPT for your driving needs.

18. Blue Variant Car Scratch Repair Magic Pen

What makes this tool include in the list of the coolest car devices and accessories is it removes the unwanted scratches from your car’s exterior Variant Car Scratch Repair Magic Pen is the ultimate car scratch remover! It doesn’t only remove scratches but protect it from further damages as well.

19. Car Accessories Engine Warehouse Cleaner

Our Engine Warehouse Cleaner is effective in cleaning the engine, making it look good and brand new. Get this item to make sure your engine works well every time. How to use it? Just dilute with 8ml water, shake well and spray on the spot you want to clean.

20. Cone Shaped Foam Sponge Polishing Pad For Wheels

Polishing the wheels of automobiles has never been this easy with the help of Cone Shaped Foam Sponge Polishing Pad For Wheels. With its tapered design, it can reach the inner part of the wheel so your wheels become sparkling clean when finished.

21. Coins Storage Box Pocket Telescopic Dashboard

Organize your coins with this Coins Storage Box Pocket Telescopic Dashboard. It has a large compartment making it a good place to store your coins while adding beauty to the inside of your car too.

22. Car Tow Strap Nylon

Towing cars becomes fast and easy by using this Car Tow Strap Nylon. This helps during emergencies on the road. It can even bear weight of up to 2 tons.

23. Gardening Pressure Watering Spray Bottle

This tool is a multipurpose pressurized garden spray that can also be used to clean cars, motorcycles and other household stuff. It is very handy, portable, and can be used with ease.

24. Fuel Pump Oil Hose

For pumping oil for cars and even motorcycles, you need a Fuel Pump Oil Hose. This tool is also suitable for fish tanks, ponds, and small pools.

25. Cute Cartoon Car Safety Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pad For Children

Your kids will love these fun and colorful seat belt covers which are all soft padded fabric for your baby’s comfort and safety.

26. Hanging Car Air Freshener Bottle

Always make sure your car smells fresh and clean by using this Hanging Car Air Freshener Bottle! Just hang this on the rearview mirror and your car will smell like heaven!

27. Kids Baby Head Support Holder Sleep Belt

If you’re driving with your baby, always make sure she is safe and secured in the seat to avoid accidents. Use this Kids Baby Head Support Holder Sleep Belt to prevent your baby from leaning forward while sleeping in a seated position. This is suitable in car seats and strollers and is adjustable.

28. Multi-Color USB LED Car Interior Lighting Kit

Make every travel journey fun and exciting with this Multi-Color USB LED Car Interior Lighting Kit. It has a user-friendly design, easy to carry and doesn’t consume much space inside your car. How to use it? Just plug it on and play the feature via a USB port and you’re good to go.

29. Portable Car Wash Foam Spray Nozzle

This foam spray nozzle features 8 kinds of water spray, foam maker nozzle to get your car washed properly.

It also has a multi-point injection for an efficient wash, helping you save time and energy.

30. Radiator Water Temp Meter 0.9Bar/1.1Bar/1.3Bar

To maintain the tank water level of your car, this tool is a great help. This gadget regulates radiator pressure and improves the radiator pressure and cooling performance. Plus, it has a silicone rubber so it is sealed tight and properly. No doubt it is included in our must-have list of the coolest car devices and accessories you should grab!

31. Portable LED Disco Stage Light

Our Portable LED Disco Stage Light is USB powered. Pus, android and apple users can also use this too. With its voice-activation and self-propelled mode and random colors, you definitely can never go wrong with this cool disco stage light.

32. Car Maintenance Spray Film Coating by Hand

Are you tired of always doing the conventional way of cleaning and keeping your car exterior look shiny? Try using this fantastic Car Maintenance Spray Film Coating by Hand and get the best result!

33. Extra-Large Car-Washing Sponge

This is the best sponge for washing your vehicles as it has the most absorbent feature you’ve been looking for. It comes with anti-abrasion feature that protects your car from scratches while washing.

34. No Heat Liquid Skin Leather Repair Kit

Shine your leather stuff like shoes, car seats and many more by using this all around Skin Leather Repair Kit. It has high quality and non-toxic materials that are safe for you too!

35. Tire Traction Mat Non-slip Tracks

This is definitely one of the most useful and coolest car devices and accessories for all seasons! Use this Tire traction mat to scrape off snow, mud or dirt from your wheels so your car runs smooth and efficiently.

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