4 Eco-friendly And Luxury Electric Cars

luxury electric cars

Electric vehicles have become tremendously popular these days. Moreover, many have released many portfolios of luxurious electric vehicles. Luxury electric cars burn no fuel and run purely on batteries. Thus, they are entirely eco-friendly with zero CO2 emissions. At the time of purchase, luxury electric cars are thought to be very expensive, but they are more cost-effective than conventional fuel-based cars in the long term because of the lower price of charging as compared to traditional fuel.

Moreover, governments of various countries are also taking initiatives like tax benefits and installation of charging points, etc., to promote the use of eco-friendly electric vehicles. Though you can also install electric vehicle charging points at your home for safety reasons, it is less recommended. The time of getting fully-charged varies depending on the battery size of the electric vehicle and also the speed of the charging point. Moreover, the less frequent requirement for the service of electric cars results in easy maintenance.

Best Luxury Electric Cars Of 2021

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Porsche Taycan- Overall The Best Luxury Electric Car

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Porsche Taycan features amazing acceleration with 0-62mph in just 2 to 3 seconds. It is the first electric vehicle with a two-speed transmission and a system of 800 V. Moreover, with the charging up to 75% in just twenty minutes, it makes it one of the fastest charging luxury electric cars. Porsche Taycan can reach a maximum speed of about 260 km/h, making it the most powerful and sporty version of Taycan.

Tesla Model S Plaid

This newest luxury electric car was launched by Tesla. The highly advanced features with aggressive power and fast acceleration of 60 mph in less than 2 seconds make it the most upgraded version of cars. It can make a 560 miles trip in just a one-time full charge. It allows maximum convenience in a completely unparalleled way.

BMW i4- Luxury Electric Car From The Small Car Collection Of BMW

BMW provides vehicles of every size. With one of its petite models, BMW i4. The BMW has released electrified models as an addition to its portfolio before each with its own flair and focus. With the i4, BMW is providing a tiny vehicle with lots of power. With a very sophisticated look, the BMW i4l features low-slung doors along with a slim and subtle facade.

BMW iX 3- Best Medium Size Electric Car

It is the most suitable car for those who want to buy a car that is neither very much large nor petite. It focuses on various luxury features. The company has introduced many advanced and clever upgrades like aerodynamic wheels in the iX3 model. With an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.


The corona pandemic has given us the lesson to save the environment. And the adoption of luxury electric cars can be the first and easy step for environmental conservation.

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