8 Latest Electric Dreams Slot Cars

electric dreams slot cars

Slot cars are liked by several youngsters. These cars never get out of fashion. Every day there are a variety of slot cars coming into the stores. Some have a cool design while some look promising. Ultimately, it becomes confusing to pick one. To make things easier here is the list of the fresh slot cars. Also, they all are readily available on Electric Dreams.

1. Ford GT40 MkIV (Gulf Edition)

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With new features such as improved wheels and grip. It is an NSR 0172SW model of Ford, which will cost $88.99 / Rs 6400 (approximately). The recent addition is obtainable in both white and black colors.

2. Carrera McLaren 720S GT3 Number 16 D132

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Carrera is popular among kids. Buy the brand new version at $54.99 or Rs 4047 in Indian value. It has amazing wheels for a tilt-free motion. It is always great to try out new things.

3. Carrera McLaren GT3 16th Number (Model 27624)

This Carrera model is comparatively cheaper than the other two models. You can get it at $39.99, Rs 2900 (approximately).

4. Carrera McLaren 720S GT3 Number 17 D132 (Model 30920)

This edition is available in stock. Enjoy smooth racing with the Number 17 car. It will cost around Rs 5000 in Indian while if you are an International buyer then $69.99.

5. Ferrari 333 MOMO 1996’s Model Revo Slot RS0086, RS0087 And RS0088

These three have similar prices as well. All these latest editions will cost about $79.99 each. When converted to rupee it is Rs. 5800 for Indian buyers.

6. Bathurst 1969 Scalextric Ford XW Falcon, Allan Moffat, Australian Edition

This edition uses magnets and chips. Now, racing will be more fun. Try out the latest Scalextric Ford at $54.99, which is Rs. 4000 (around) in India.

7. Slot It Nissan Skyline GT-R Number 12 JTC 1993 Winner (Model SICA47B)

This will cost more than Rs. 4400 or $59.99. You will get sliders in this set. To reduce the bend, these sliders are provided. They are typically plastic plates adjusted in the car.

8. Toyota GT86’s Policar PCT01B ( Rank number 6 Goodwood 2015)

The Toyota version has parts made up of Policar. It is valued at $59.99, which is around Rs. 4500 in Indian currency. You can easily change its braid, has a type C chip, and slot wheels. Play with these new features for more enjoyment.


Numerous slot cars are manufactured around the world. Some may find it difficult to choose among all such amazing cars. Above is the record of all the recently released slot car models. They can be ordered through Electric Dreams. These additions include Ford GT40 MkIV (Gulf Edition), Policar PCT01B from Toyota, Carrera McLaren both no. 16 and 17, Ferrari 333 MOMO 1996, Scalextric Ford XW Falcon (Australia edition) and Slot It SICA47B. Opting for any of these will be a wise choice. Some are expensive items while some are comparatively cheaper.

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