A Complete Guide To The Best Electric Cars In Recent Time

2019 was a year for newly developed cars. Vehicles made are uniquely purpose-built, making them the best inventions. A lot of trends came in place, and manufacturers begin to introduce roadsters with exciting tech features. Great examples of these newly invented machines are Electric cars. Do you want to know more about electric cars, their models and they can do? Well then, this article talks about all these and more. Continue reading to the end to know more.

Electric cars

The level at which we become thrilled by vehicles of this type is increasingly noticeable. Electric cars are now being used for different purposes, as they are capable of making driving convenient. Hence, they vary in brands and models. This set of cars will propose more of its stylishness and abilities in 2020.

A Complete Guide To The Best Electric Cars In Recent Time

Best electric cars in recent time
Considerably, this piece is more like a guide to help notice the features in the best Electric Vehicles (EVs). Therefore, we will be emphasizing the five best models of EVs.

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Cars

The manufacturing company, Volkswagen, seems to be upright in the production of electric cars. Hence, the company has a vast number of power-driven vehicles coming into existence. Perhaps, the Volkswagen ID.3 appears to be topping the list.

The affordable ID.3, expected to cost around £30,000, has similar traits as that of a Golf. Interestingly enough, three versions will make up this set. As described by the manufacturer, ID.3 has an inside of a Passat and works as a Golf GTI.

Looking at the range, the base model has 330km, leaving top-spec versions with a 550km rate. The car can control every feature using a touchscreen, and excluding the windows and hazard lights.

Rivan R1T Truck

Rivan is introducing a five-seat pick-up truck later this year. The vehicle comprises of three sizes of battery, and they are 105kWh, 135kWh, and 180kWh. Both the top speed and dash features have consecutively 200kph and 15.6-inch touchscreen. With more built-in functions, the pick-up is one meter. Other mugs include the lockable storage bin and all-wheel-drive system. As a result, the power shares through four electric motors, with one for each.

Aston Martin Rapide E Electric Cars

The production of this car is swift and minimized. Hence, orders can start trooping in, as the model produce is limited to 155 vehicles. Fortunately, the purchase comes in a juicy way. Attached to lucky owners are 65kWh Aston and 5,600-cell lithium-ion battery pack. It has a 50kW charger, making the Rapide E recharge at 300km per hour.

BMW iX3 Electric Cars

With every of this car built on purpose, the BMW iX3 has fashioned itself not to be part of electric cars, but built from it. The manufacturers developed it from the existing architecture on the EV drivetrain. Hence, making the production tremendous and flexible. BMW iX3 will have ICE, hybrid, and EV versions present in anticipated models.

A Complete Guide To The Best Electric Cars In Recent Time

Polestar 2

Polestar’s second production will be made on a full electric basis. The vehicle comes with a 300kW, all-wheel-drive powertrain, long-range battery for motoring 500km on the WLTP test cycle. Also, including the same specifications as the one in Polestar 1.


The best electric cars are in collections, and they are numerous in numbers. Each of its models has electrifying components that make driving suitable. As said earlier, these vehicles are purpose-built, so your best preference depends on the features and accessibilities of each car.

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