All About Electric Charging Stations

Electric charging stations can be called different things by different people, but what really matters is its function. You may see varying names like electric recharging point, charge point, EV charging station or ECS. Follow us as we discuss more on this.

What Is An Electric Charging Station?

An EV station is an equipment designed to supply your electric vehicles the juice it needs to stay on the road. It supplies electric recharge for electrical vehicles.

All About Electric Charging Stations
All About Electric Charging Stations

While at home, some of the electric cars can just be plugged into the typical socket outlet. This is because the already have onboard converters that make charging possible like that.
But the same way we have gas stations spread across town, we also need EV stations. This is because, some electrical vehicle requires an electrical station in order for it to charge.

What Is So Important About The Electrical Station?

EV stations, provides the electrical conversion, monitoring and safety features that every EV needs. These Electric stations also make it possible for long-distance drivers to get to their destination. Without such facilities on the road, EV’s extremely fast charging when stranded would be difficult.

Public Charging Stations

These are a form of electric charging stations, supplied by the electric utility company. They are usually located by busy shopping centers, restaurants or private parking spaces. Such facilities are typically privately owned by major companies.

At a charging station, you won’t have to worry about the kind connectors you have. This is because such stations provide you a variety of connectors of which at least one will fit your vehicle. These connectors all conform to the varying standards of different electric vehicles.

Categories Of Electric Vehicles Stations

Residential Charging Station

This charging station is set up in the convenience of your home. With this, you can plug in your EV as soon as you get back home. This type of station, wouldn’t require authentication, it wouldn’t also have a meter. It would just require its own dedicated wiring to give it a connection to the grid.

Electric Charging In Parking Spaces

This can be either privately owned or put in place for commercial purposes. When it is commercial, a meter will read as your car charges and you will be required to pay a fee for the service. It is sometimes free. Specifically, with an agreement with the owner of the parking space. This type of charging station varies in speed, some can be extremely fast and others can be quiet slow.

All About Electric Charging Stations
All About Electric Charging Stations

Fast Electric Charging At Public Charging Stations

These are charging stations that dispenses voltages at ≥40 KW. This extremely fast charge can give you up to 60 miles of juice in as little as 10 – 15 minutes. These king chargers are kept at quick rest stops for long-distance drivers to top up quickly and get back on the road.

Battery change in less than 15 minutes. With EV being able to swap batteries, it will now be possible to use anyone for as long as 400+ miles without stopping to recharge. In the past like 2014, such great distances weren’t possible.

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