NUMBER 5 – Honda e “The Metropolitan EV Idea turned into a legend, the legend that turned into a model and the model that turned into the dinkiest, most beneficial vehicle since the Suzuki Jimny. It’s the Honda e, Honda’s most memorable mass-market unadulterated electric vehicle, and we need one.” NUMBER 4 – Audi e-tron […]

Ola Electric vehicle to cost under Rs 50 lakhs

A car parked in front of a mirror

Ola Electric has announced the plan of launching its first electric car in the summer of 2024. Chief Bhavish Aggarwal it will be a top notch portion offering. The CEO has indicated the vehicle might cost under Rs 50 lakh which is practically same cost of a BMW X1 SUV. This likewise implies that Ola […]

What Dead Car Would You Revive as an EV?

A person riding on the back of a truck

This leads us to today’s question. What dead car would you revive as an EV? I won’t be too much of a stickler. You’re allowed to revive an entire brand if you want. For example: our own Erin Marquis suggested the Saturn Ion would make for a great EV name. I personally would love to […]

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