Cleaning Cloth Car Seats In No Time

cleaning cloth car seats

Car seats do not come with cleaning cloths. If you have purchased a new vehicle you will notice that there are not any cleaning cloths included in the package. Cleaning cloths are an absolute must for your maintenance. You should follow some simple guidelines to keep your seats clean and looking nice.

The first step to cleaning cloth car seats is by taking off the seat covers and washing them with hot water. As opposed to using a cleaning solution such as a carpet shampoo or car wash, you will need a combination of one cup of warm water, one quart of white vinegar, and one cup of dry baking soda. This solution should be used on the entire surface dirt, then washed with a rag. Vinegar and baking soda are great as they work as a neutralizer to remove soil from the seat fabric.

The second step is to vacuum. Vacuuming will ensure that all the dirt has been removed. Make sure you do this first, as you don’t want to push the dirt into your carpet. You will see an improvement after doing this first step several times.

An Overview

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The third step is to use cleaning cloth car seats. For this you will need about four quarts of water, a lemon juice, about a half a cup of vinegar, and about two cups of dry baking soda. These products will remove any stains that may be left on the seats. After you have thoroughly performed all three steps stated above, it is time to move on to greener pastures.

The fourth step is to use dish soap or a commercial microfiber cloth to gently scrub the seats with the vinegar-water solution. Be very careful when using dish soap as some dishes contain harsh chemicals. When you feel that the stains are no longer present, you should rinse with clean water. Repeat this process until no more dirt is found on the fabric. After cleaning the car interior, it is time to get rid of the dirt! Again, it is best to use the commercial dish soap or microfiber cloth to scrub the surface once more to ensure there are no stains or oil on the car’s exterior.

Once you have thoroughly performed all the previous steps mentioned and the dirt has disappeared, it is time to take care of the seat with a deep cleaning spray. After spraying the cloth, it is important to air dry the seat. If you do not air dry the vehicle properly, the seat will retain excess moisture, which will cause more problems when it comes to maintenance.

Cleaning Car Seats

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For the first step, it is best to remove the fabric, including the upholstery and any accessories such as cup holders or food containers in order to keep everything as clean as possible. You can vacuum the seat first to get most of the dirt, debris and allergens out. Then, take a non-abrasive brush and apply a good wiping motion while you continue to vacuum.

The final step in deep cleaning cloth car seats is to apply a cleaner with disinfectant. You will need about two tablespoons of dishwashing soap and three cups of water. Spray the seat with the solution and allow it to sit for five minutes before vacuuming the interior with a soft towel. Use a similar application method to apply the cleaner to the dashboard and then the top of the seats.

You may also want to consider using an automotive brush for deep cleaning. An automotive brush will make the job go by faster since it has a wider tooth and it will move dirt and grime from the deeper areas. An added benefit is that it will prevent leather seats from cracking. Abrasives are less abrasive than a brush so you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface.

Bottom Line

If you are dealing with a stubborn stain such as paint staining, coffee or chocolate stains, you may be interested in using a portable steam cleaner. Portable steam cleaners are designed for quick and easy cleanup. They work by using hot water and a liquid cleaning agent to remove dirt, grease, and grime from car seats. There is no need to rinse the seat with water. Instead, you simply pour the cleaning solution onto the seat and use the steam cleaner to remove dirt and grime.

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