Coming Up In The Future – The Outlook For Electric Cars Is Strong

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India is one of the first countries to initiate an awareness campaign for the upcoming electric cars. This has been done in partnership with the leading car manufacturers of the world such as Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, Honda, and Ford Motor Company. The campaign is expected to be launched at the forthcoming New Delhi Auto Show. It will focus on the importance of electric vehicles for the environment. According to the latest survey by a leading think tank called CEA, which is an economic think tank based in Toronto, over 18% of Indians are likely to convert to electric vehicles within the next five years.

Upcoming Electric Cars

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This means that in India alone, there will be additional revenue of around Rs. Crore from the sale of electric vehicles. This would be a major development in the auto industry in India and all over the world as electric vehicles are quickly becoming a norm across many nations due to their clean-burning fuel and other environmental advantages.

CEA also expects that the number of vehicles using fossil fuels will reduce drastically by the end of the next decade. This would lead to an important reduction in air pollution as well as global temperatures. To facilitate the transition to the future, the government has decided to launch several programs for the electrification of vehicles in India. These programs are expected to launch for the electrification of vehicles in India around the turn of the twenty-first century and afterward.

Important Program For Upcoming Electric Cars

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An important program that is expected to come up for electric vehicles in India is the wagon ev. This vehicle was inspired by a real-life version of the electric train ‘Wagoner’ that is operated by a cowherd in the movie Moooran. This is a two-seater mini car expected to go up to thirty-five kilometers per hour. This is a very short distance for a car.

A prototype of the xUV300 electric car is expected to be launched in the market around the turn of the twenty-first century. This vehicle may use lithium batteries to power itself. There is also a rumor that Nissan is considering launching a small version of this vehicle in the Japanese market. The small model is expected to go up to fifteen kilometers per hour and can run up to a hundred kilometers before needing recharging again.

Things To Know

An electric car is expected to enter the market at the cost of around one Crore. This is much lower than what other carmakers in the industry have to offer at present. One reason for this is that the government has not yet established an official target to release a set of standards for the manufacturing of e-tronRs. This means that the specifications of the electric cars in the market will still be subject to change.

The first four cars in the list of upcoming electric cars in India are the Samsung hatchback iON 40 lakh, the Nissan MPower GPX with an MR2 option, the Honda Civic with twin petrol and double battery option, and the Hyundai iON with a small electric motor. These four cars are the flagship models of each company. The company is also planning to introduce six new models in the next few years. These six models will be launched between now and then.

Bottom Line

In the interim, other companies like the Mahindra tractor, which is building the world’s largest vegetable carrier, have started selling their electric SUVs in the Indian markets. Earlier, the only place you could buy a Mahindra tractor was at the automobile showrooms. But, now, you can buy a Mahindra tractor online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The electric vehicles from the Mahindra company are extremely durable and are capable of hauling heavy tractors and their parts. The new models from the Mahindra company have received great reviews from the customers.

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