Defining The Luxury Of Mercedes Benz Electric SUV

mercedes benz electric suv

Mercedes Benz electric SUV is one of its kind. It is the first electric automobile made in Germany. This luxury car made its entry in India on 8th October 2020. The Mercedes Benz electric SUV was introduced in the metropolitan cities of India, such as Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune. This car is the only electric car and has no such competition in the market right now. The configuration of this car is an all-wheel drive. There is also information about the launch of new models of this car. The features of this car are wonderful and no wonder there is so much craze among people to buy it. 

In India, the price for the first fifty customers is 99.30 lakh, whereas the actual cost of the car is one crore. The price is all worth it for this amazing and unique car

Features Of Mercedes Benz Electric SUV

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Mercedes Benz electric SUV has some amazing features. It has two electric motors; one is placed in the front and one at the back. The car runs on an 80 ka lithium-ion battery. Once charged, the car can run for 450 kilometers. The car has three charging options- a fast 50kW DC charger that takes 90 minutes to charge the car fully, a 2.4kW plug charger that takes 21 hours, and a 7.4 kW AC charger that takes ten hours to charge the car completely. The car also has a climate- control system. For safety, it has airbags and knee bags. The car also has a central locking system, child lock system and, power door lock. It also has an in-built system of Anti-theft protection package. The parking camera moves to 360°.

The total seating capacity of the car is five, and the seats of this car are very comfortable. They are power-adjusted and come with massage options. The audio system of the car is also of supreme quality, and it can be connected to both Android as well as IOS. To control other functions, the car comes with a console and a steering wheel which is multi-functional. The reviews of this car are amazing, and if you can, then go ahead with this one. 


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Mercedes Benz electric SUV is a fantastic luxury car, and it has all the specifications that you would require in a car. The price of the car is worth everything that it offers you. So, don’t think too much. If a luxury car is on your bucket list, then the Mercedes Benz electric SUV should be your pick. Since it is battery operated, you will not have to spend a lot on fuel and diesel prices. It gives you a seat belt warning, has GPS navigation, and everything that you need in a car. So, don’t wait for too long. Get the car and enjoy your ride

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