Top 7 Electric Car Companies

electric cars company

Nowadays, many car manufacturers are indulging in electric vehicles but back then there were very few units to probe into. Coming to the topic of cars, most of us love to have the adrenaline rush and always look for a power-packed performance. EVs are a completely separate class from the conventional gasoline-powered car, and it is important for understanding the comparison of car options. In this platter, you can get a taste of the top 7 electric cars company and have quite a bit of insight about the same.

Tesla- Electric Cars Company

Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies that have been producing top-notch vehicles with cutting-edge technology. The vehicles are of premium quality end-to-end and incorporate numerous features comprising creativity. The most amazing models of Tesla are the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3.  Did you know that Tesla Model X was one of the most popular rated with an amazing consumer report right after its release?

electric cars company
electric cars company

BMW- Electric Cars Company

This is a German electronic car manufacturing company that is well known for its luxurious cars. It stands for Bavarian Motor Works, and right now it is one of the owners of the extravagant cars like Mini and Rolls-Royce. This is a company which has its assembly facilities in all the 15 countries and is a benchmark in the global sales network. 


Nissan Motor Corporation is a multinational electronic car manufacturer which has its headquarters in Japan. The company name can be traced back to Nissan zaibatsu. Back in the year 2013, it was the 6th largest automobile manufacturer in the world right after Hyundai Volkswagen and Toyota.  Right now, it is one of the pioneers of selling the electric vehicle. The global sales are more than three lakh 20 thousand in the year 2018 itself. 

Chevrolet- Electric Cars Company

Chevrolet is a specific segment of the American company General Motors, and it has been selling a huge array of vehicles in every part of the world. Also Chevrolet Forest put its Mark in the electric car market with the Chevrolet bolt which gives a value addition of 220 miles every charge. And it has a price below the other vehicles which are currently in the trend. 


This is a vintage American Car producer, and it has been manufacturing a lot of vehicles globally. But know that it is in the electric vehicle segment there is a prevalence of Ford Focus Electric. This is a very popular Electric car of the popular Ford Focus, and it comes within an affordable range. The look and feel of the electric cars of Ford are worth a watch!

Top 7 Electric Car Companies
Top 7 Electric Car Companies


This is another popular German automaker who has created affordable electric cars known as the Volkswagen e-golf. Compared to other companies, it is quite easy on the pocket, and the battery is around 80 miles every charge. The look and feel are just like a traditional folk slogan automobile, but it is an electric car. 


This is another car company whose origin is South Korea. It is quite a dependable brand as compared to brands like Toyota and Honda. It comes with a model Soul EV and looks just like a non-electric vehicle. The only difference is that there is a hundred-mile electric battery placed right below the hood. 


These are the seven electric car companies that you should focus on, and these brands can give you amazing options. You can get proper warranty on the products, and that itself is an assurance.  

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