Electric Cars Pros And Cons – A Closer Look

electric cars pros and cons

There are two types of electric cars, there are the ones that have no batteries and those that do. They have different pros and cons for each type. For those that do not know, here is a short overview:

No batteries

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These cars are the pure electric vehicles. There are no internal combustion engines in them, just batteries. This is the main advantage to these cars, as they do not need any type of internal combustion engine for power. The biggest disadvantage to this is that they are more expensive to operate since they run on electricity.

Limited speed

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As stated above, electric cars pros and cons include limited speed. However, on the flip side of that there are many who would like to have a faster car. There are ways to cheat this as well. An electric car can easily exceed the speed limit when used on streets, but this will not happen in open roads. If you try to accelerate beyond the allowed speeds, the engine will be burned. In order to prevent this, the driver should always be aware of the speed limit.


There is one major disadvantage to owning an electric car. Although they are very easy to recharge, it can still take several hours. This will depend on how fast your battery charge is and the number of miles driven. The longer the car is left plugged in, the longer the battery will take to charge.


Since they use a battery, this makes them a little more expensive than other types of vehicle. There are ways to cut down on this cost though. One of these includes buying a used or inexpensive car. Also, using your battery will lower the amount of miles you drive each day, which can also help to decrease the cost of running the car. This is because there is less energy being used which means less energy has to be spent.


Many people do not realize how important safety is to electric car owners. One of the best precautions to take is to install an anti-theft device. This device will allow the car’s owner to remotely lock and unlock the car from any location. Most car thieves use cars that remain parked in safe locations for many days prior to attempting to break in. By having this security measure in place, you will be able to avoid possible vandalism and theft.

This technology does have some restrictions placed on the use of the technology. For example, an electric motor is needed to produce the power needed to propel the vehicle forward. It also needs to be attached to a series of lead acid flooded batteries. If the batteries are damaged or drained of power, the vehicle’s performance will be severely affected.

Summing Up

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, take all of the advantages discussed above into consideration. These perks allow for greater freedom and mobility while driving. However, there are also a number of cons to consider when making the decision to convert your regular vehicle to one of the many types of electric cars available today.

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