For Pro and DIY Mechanics! A Remarkable Time and Effort-Saving Oil Change Tool! Limited Only!

Change the oil for your favorite car all by yourself with the help of this oil extractor. This oil pump/extractor will let you change the oil without the need to be under your vehicle. Made from solid material, this oil extractor is quick, economical, safe, and easy to operate. It has a long service life and is ideal for motor oil, water, and diesel. 

Oil Extractor For Cars

Getting the oil changed for cars can be expensive and require routine trips to the mechanic shop. Fortunately, this handy pump cum extractor can save you from these hassles. This extractor designed for clean and quick oil exchanges will let you do the task without having you go under the car. 

Grab this oil extractor that’s convenient and easy to use. It works by connecting its clamps to the car battery and is suitable for liquids like water and oil including diesel, motor oil, and heating oil. The tool comes with a valve and also has a bypass filter for hassle-free cleaning. 

Made from fine quality material, this oil pump is safe to use. It offers quick and effortless transfer or extraction. The best part of the pump is that is economical and has a long service life. The maximum flow rate is 1.5 L/min and the maximum delivery height is 2.3 ft. Further, the voltage required for this pump is 12 V DC. 

The pump comes with an outlet hose, inlet hose, hose clamps, and battery clamps. All you need to use these accessories and connect the clamps to a 12 V car battery. Use the oil extractor in case of emergencies or to ditch frequent trips to an automobile shop.


Voltage: 12 V DC

Size: 5.1 x 5 x 3.3 inches

Maximum Delivery Height: 2.3 ft.

Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 L/min

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Pros Of Oil Extractor For Cars

  • Fine quality oil extractor cum pump.
  • Safe, convenient, and easy to use.
  • Suitable for water and oil.
  • Features a valve and bypass filter for easy and efficient cleaning. 
  • Economical and very practical.
  • Has an incredible service life.
  • Great for emergencies.

Cons Of Oil Extractor For Cars

  • The pump is not suited for high flammable liquids like fuel, petrol, and so forth.
  • You can’t run it constantly for over half an hour if you want to prevent overheating.


This oil pump cum extractor with an efficient motor is designed for powerful operation. It is highly practical and convenient to use. It is lightweight and compact which offers it great portability. The wires used in this pump are corrosion resistant. This pump is easy to connect to the car battery and change the oil without getting under the vehicle. And that too without using any specialized tools. It comes with two flexible hoses and battery clamps for hassle-free and efficient operation. Whether you use the pump during an emergency or avoid visits to a mechanic, it is highly beneficial for you. Something suitable for cars and even boats and motorcycles! Just make sure not to use it with high flammable liquids.

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