Great Reasons to Get Into the Car Games

affordable electric cars

It’s time to upgrade to your new electric car! In less than a decade, affordable electric cars will be commonplace on America’s streets. And you can start saving money today! In the meantime, why not consider purchasing an affordable electric vehicle? Here are a few reasons to get in the car of tomorrow.

Electric cars offer better efficiency. In addition to the obvious reasons of better mileage and less emissions, electric cars offer better efficiency for the environment as well. For example, the cheapest and best electric cars will typically have combustion engines, as they produce higher emissions. However, new construction will be required to meet federal fuel efficiency standards, which will likely require an engine that is more fuel efficient than the ones currently being sold.

Fuel Efficiency

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The majority of fuel-efficiency fuel-economy cars are at least 2 inches longer, around 20 pounds lighter, and about half a thousand pounds lighter. That’s a lot of difference! And for someone looking for the very best affordable evs, electric cars offer the combination of power, portability, efficiency, safety, durability, reliability, and value.

In late February, it was reported that the U.S. Government had approved the first batch of affordable electric vehicles (EVs) for sale. The Department of Transportation’s decision was based in part on federal fuel efficiency standards set by the department. Up until now, the only approved fuel-efficiency vehicle was the Toyota Prius. The new vehicles are all plug-in hybrids, using either a standard or a hybrid lithium-ion battery. The new technology promises to do for the environment what the Prius has already done for gas prices-cut them.

Nissan Leaf

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Nissan Leaf is another promising car for the future. Nissan’s latest EV, the Nissan Leaf, is considered to be the safest and most fuel-efficient small car in the world. In fact, Nissan claims that its new Leaf offers the best combined fuel economy of any competing small car today. Even with its sporty sports car look, the Nissan Leaf is surprisingly roomy inside. At a sedate but reasonable 85 pounds, the Nissan Leaf is light and compact, perfect for city use.

Most people agree that the time is right for an electric, environmentally safe, affordable vehicle. But with the upcoming announcements of more electric-powered cars coming soon, the competition will only increase. In order to keep up with the price, manufacturers will have to either bring prices down, make the cars more fuel efficient, or both.

New Hydrogen-Powered Car

Today’s news is filled with examples of manufacturers scrambling to beat out one another’s electric cars. There’s a new hydrogen-powered car that’s being introduced, and there’s also a concept vehicle that would let you drive an electric car on top of water. And then there’s Via, a concept car that will allow users to view leasing offers and view banking options via a touch screen. Nissan is also working on its own autonomous navigation system. And just recently, General Motors announced it would allow consumers to rent cars through its Destination Pilot program.

If you’re stuck paying high gas prices, fretting about the rising costs of owning gas guzzlers, and you’re looking for ways to save money, why not take advantage of new electric cars on the market? You can either buy one of these vehicles outright or lease a model. In most cases, if you buy the cars new, you can get a decent break in fuel expenses and you’ll never have to pay for oil changes again.

Final Verdict

Leasing makes sense in many instances, especially when you consider that gas prices are set to keep going up over the next several years. When it comes right down to it, those are some pretty good reasons to take advantage of leasing and other new electric cars.

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