How to Clean Your Car Windows Vinegar Method

cleaning inside car windows vinegar

Do you want to know how to clean inside car windows using vinegar? It is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it can be fun to learn how to clean inside car windows with vinegar.

You will need a container or two to keep your items in, along with some cleaning solution. Now, you must wipe your car windows with this solution. I would recommend using a small sponge to clean out all the windows. You should leave them alone and do not scrub at them. If you do that, you will ruin the material and cause scratches. The windshield will become cloudy if you scrub at it too hard.

Next, rinse your hands with water and soap. Wipe down the outside of your car windows. If it is dirty enough, sprinkle some salt over it to make it easier to clean.

Cleaning Inside Car Windows Vinegar

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Now, take a clean cloth and rub it over the windshield. This will loosen up any debris that is stuck inside. Rinse it off and give it another good brushing. Repeat this process until you have the windshield clean and clear.

Another method of cleaning car windows is to use distilled vinegar. You will need to find this type of vinegar at a craft store. Distilled vinegar is very concentrated. Therefore, it will not dissolve the wax in your windows.

To use distilled vinegar, mix it with some hot water. Apply it to your windows like you did with the homemade cleaner. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Be careful, because the last thing you want to do is wash it off! Let it sit for five minutes before wiping it off. If you find it still messy after you’ve let it sit for that long, then pour a little more hot water onto it and continue washing.

Tips For Cleaning Inside Car Windows

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Now, if you don’t have time to clean the windows yourself, there is another option. Cleaning glass by hand is an extremely difficult task to undertake. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge of what type of products to use to ensure the glass stays clean. Plus, the glass in your automobile is typically made out of different types of material. Vinegar is a wonderful product to use when cleaning windows.

Once you have finished cleaning your car windows, rinse them very well. Then, use a piece of glass cleaner or glass polish to polish them, so they sparkle. This will ensure the windows look their best for years to come. Then, place some outdoor light outside of your car windows to further improve the appeal.

For optimum results, when cleaning car windows, always follow the manufacturer’s directions. There are specific cleaning solutions and products that are meant to work with the particular type of glass that is installed in your car. Test the solution on a small area first before applying it to your car windows. The same goes for any cleaners or products.

Things To Consider

When applying the cleaning solution to your car window, use the same amount of pressure as you would with cleaning the outside portion. This is because vinegar is essentially just vinegar. Using too much pressure when cleaning inside items can cause damage to the item. If you happen to use too much pressure while cleaning inside items, then the window could possibly crack.

Once the inside window is clean using the cleaner that you have chosen, you can apply a thin layer of automotive wax. The automotive wax will provide a protective coat to the glass. You can use an old toothbrush to apply the wax. Be sure to be careful not to use too much pressure while doing this.

Bottom Line

The next step in how to clean car windows is to use a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub the window. Be very careful not to scratch or damage the glass. Do this step carefully so that you do not scrape or chip the glass. It can take a few tries until you get the hang of it. Eventually, you will be able to clean windows in no time.

The process is actually pretty easy, and it does not require you to purchase expensive products. This is just a basic method to help you get into the habit of cleaning inside your car. As your skills improve, you will find that you do not need to clean your car as often as before.

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