HPI Pro 1650 – High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool

high pressure car cleaning tool

Another budget-friendly option in the high pressure car cleaning line, this model operates on various surfaces. It has a few special accessories, such as an extra revolving nozzle and a dust collection tray. However, the best feature of all is the built-in flow-reduction valve.

This great accessory improves the power of your rotary-spray gun by allowing you to use a higher volume of air pressure. To do so, simply turn the water valve to the full open position. When the water valve is turned to the closed position, the valve shuts off completely. As a result, you are able to spray a larger volume of cleaning solution through the cleaning system. With a much stronger cleaning solution, you can easily remove dirt and surface contaminants from almost any type of surface with ease. In addition, the flow-reduction valve allows you to control the amount of pressure that you apply to the nozzle.

Tornado High Pressure Tool

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If you have a vehicle that is a victim of constant wear and tear, the tornado high pressure car cleaning tool is a must-have accessory. The tornado filter is designed to help protect the engine and its engine components from harmful debris and grit. By using the cleaning solution under the hood, you can avoid clogging and damage to sensitive engine components. To help your vehicle get to its optimum performance and longevity, turn the water valve to the full open position and use the cleaning solution.

Configuration To Suit Your Needs

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This high-quality, multi-purpose truck and car cleaning tool come in many different configurations to suit your needs and styles. There are models designed specifically for use in the truck bed, a passenger area, or an entire car interior. Models with two or more cleaning heads will give you the power to reach hard-to-reach places like under the hood and under the seats. No matter what you need to clean, you can trust this versatile truck and car interior cleaner.

HPI Universal Truck Wash Machine

If you are looking for the perfect air compressor for your detailing needs, the HPI universal truck and car wash machine may be the perfect choice. The compressor model features a durable pump and dual variable speed air compressor. You can use the built-in air compressor to power a high pressure sprayer, a power head, or both to clean multiple parts of your car or truck. The compressor is quick to fill your car wash or truck washing system and it requires less energy than any other high pressure car cleaner.

For a more compact, mobile model that is great for on the go car washing and detailing needs, look at the HPI portable high-pressure air compressor. The small unit easily fits in your vehicle’s glove compartment. It is lightweight and it is quite quiet. This portable high-pressure car washing tool is ideal for car detailing on the go.

This high-performance detailing tool features a universal voltage connection and a wet/dry button for quick, convenient cleaning. The toreador fabric bag is made from durable polyester and features an easy-to-grip handle. This cleaning kit is ideal for washing your vehicles at home. The fabric bag and air compressor are both compatible with the HPI Pro 1650 air dryer. When you are ready to tackle the jobs that keep you on your feet and on your way to work, the tornado portable high-pressure car cleaning tool is the perfect tool for you.

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