Importing Luxury SUV Cars

luxury suv cars

What if you could get hold of a luxurious Audi Q7 SUV for just below the Rs 20 lakh mark? The Audi Q7 is an ultimate luxury SUV that you could purchase at very affordable rates in the second hand car sector and so it begins the top ten list of top recommended used luxury SUVs for sale in India.

These vehicles, like the Mercedes Benz E-class, the Cadillac Escalade and the Toyota Yaris are considered as the top most SUVs in the world and so are very much sought after by car enthusiasts. In India, these cars are also available in a wide range of variants such as sports cars, luxury SUVs and sedans. But what if you need an exclusive, one of a kind vehicle which is not available in the market? Well, you would have to go through a lot of hassle in looking for such a car or a vehicle in India, because there are no such cars available here and as we know, this country is known for the manufacturing of sports cars.

Avalability and Forms of Sports Cars

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The problem is that in the case of sports cars, they are not only available in different models but also in many different forms. For example, there are sports cars with high-end features like a carbon fiber roof, leather interiors and various other expensive add ons. In the case of luxury cars, you will be looking for a different car from that of the market and thus you will have to settle for the cars with a lesser price tag. However, the only problem that comes up is the availability of such cars in the market and that is why many people choose to import them. But what makes imported cars more reliable?

Well, the import process is a bit more complicated than that of the car manufacturing and you cannot just import any vehicle without undergoing a complete analysis of its condition and quality. It is because while you are in the process of buying a luxury SUV or a sports car, the vehicle will undergo a lot of rigorous tests and evaluations and so it is a bit difficult to say whether the car will pass these tests or not. So, to make sure that the car you are planning to import meets all the requirements, you should opt for a reputable import company who will do the inspection for you and give you the best possible deal.

Do’s and Dont’s

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However, you must not look for any cheap import company. You must look for a company that can offer you a complete detailed analysis of the car’s condition before they are even willing to take the car from your hands. Many times, they will also give you a breakdown of the car and the parts included in it so that you know the exact value of the parts and also tell you the total mileage of the car before taking the car home. This will help you a lot in making your mind up on how much you are willing to pay and whether you want to pay for a used car or a brand new one.

While choosing an import company, you will also need to take the car you want to import for testing at various places so that you know how the car handles on various surfaces, weather conditions and road conditions. If the car you want to import has been previously owned by someone else in your locality or someone who knows about the vehicle and knows the car, then this can be a great advantage for you as you may know the car better and will be able to determine if the vehicle still works well, or not.

Also, it would be best if you look for a company that will allow you to test the car’s mileage. Remember, the import company will also be charging you for the miles that the car had been driven before coming to your place. Therefore, you have to make sure that the vehicle is being driven in good conditions as you may have to bear the expense of the mileage that the car has been driven before coming to your place.

Final Thought

Another very important point that will help you a lot in buying a reliable import company is the terms and conditions written in their contract. The contract that a certain company gives you should clearly mention all the conditions regarding the car and the service fees that they will charge you. So, after you have decided to take the car home and you are happy with the car you bought, you need to take care of the company and make sure that it is well cared for so that the vehicle runs smoothly and safely for a long time.

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