Some Amazing Electric Cars Advantages You Should Know

electric cars advantages

If you are planning to buy a new car, why not switch to electric cars this time. There are several electric cars advantages over petrol and diesel cars. Let us know them.

It’s Cheaper To Run

A car parked in a charging area

Owners of an electric car will also have the advantages of low running costs. The electricity you will need to charge such a car is equal to a third as much petrol you will need to run one kilometer for the same vehicle.

Cheaper Maintenance

electric car

A vehicle operated by battery has a lot less moving parts and often does not get damaged easily from that of a petrol and diesel car. The vehicle needs relatively cheaper servicing and many costly parts such as starter motors, exhaust system, radiators, and fuel injection system are not present on these electric cars.

 The only moving part in the electric car is its rotor, and so these cars are simple to operate and are strong. All you have to do is to maintain brakes, suspension, and tires. If you travel smoothly, they too will not get damaged easily. Batteries may need placement after a certain period, but many car manufacturers supply such batteries, which has eight years of warranty.

Other Electric Car Advantages

Several Australian states offer exemptions from stamp duty for the owners of electric vehicles. For example, an electric vehicle registered in Victoria gets a $100 reduction in the vehicle registration process each year.

Environment Friendly:You can be part of those who are concerned about the environment if you buy an electric car.

Less Pollution: By choosing an electric vehicle as a means of transport, you reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. You should know that such electric cars have zero harmful emissions.

Renewable Energy: If you use renewable energy sources to recharge your vehicle, you can reduce your greenhouse emission to a great extent. You can also recharge your electric vehicle from your solar panel during the day. Another option is to buy green power from your electricity retailer.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Nowadays, there is a trend that people are moving towards eco-friendly productions and products that are made from recycled materials to reduce wastage. There are several electric cars, for example, Nissan Leaf’s, who follow this pattern. Its interior and bodywork are partly made of green materials such as plastic bags, disposable bottles, old car parts, and old discarded home appliances.

Health and Safety: You will be far from the harmful fuel emission if you drive such electric cars. As you will be in better air quality, it will reduce your health problems caused mainly due to air pollution. Electric cars are also quieter in operations, which mean you will be safe from noise pollution. Recent studies have also proved that a person who drives an electric car is safer than non-electric cars. Electric cars tend to have a low center of gravity, so rolling over the car is very less. They also have a lower risk of catching fires or explosions than any petrol or diesel car.

The Final Words

I hope that now you are well aware of the electric cars advantages. Such cars are advantageous to both environment and you. It is also better for your country’s economically as your country will now less dependent on other countries for importing crude oil.

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