Some Of The Best Luxury Electric SUV Cars

luxury electric suv

In the subject of some of the useful car types, SUVs have always topped the list. The heavyweight and spacious vehicle is a perfect utility need for families. The vehicles have an excellent grip on-road and also can surpass the toughest climatic conditions. However, as today, the era of electric vehicles is in its dawn stage, the SUV vehicles are also upgrading to the change. They are shifting from petrol and diesel-based power source to electronic genres. Many of the top brands have already launched their players in the luxury electric SUV category and here are some of them.

Mercedes EQC – A Prime Name Among Luxury Electric SUV

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The German giant of Mercedes is a prime name in the industry. It has been since the dawn of the automobile ages and is also one of the first to shift to the power trains of the electric domain. The Mercedes EQC is the first among all the electric models being introduced by it. The vehicle does not go for a much futuristic design makeover. However, it retains the traditional look of the Mercedes SUVs with a slight twist. The interiors are also not far from the traditional design format of the Mercedes SUV. Nevertheless, it does have some unique features like light strips along with the doors as well as dashboard trimmings.

Tesla Model Y

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The subject of rising electric vehicles can be well credited to Elon Musk’s Tesla. And this also entitles the brand to forerun the change with a great EV launch. This is where Tesla Model Y comes in. The vehicle comes in with safety as one of its top priorities. It has some large and crumple zones, a low center of gravity as well as a rigid structure that edges it over its competitors. While its exteriors are not that flashy, it does carry a futuristic look to itself.

Jaguar I-Pace – Making Way For Luxury Electric SUV Future

 The first of Jaguar’s creations in the EV domain is all set to land on roads by 2025 and is by far the most promising vehicle expected to exceed all speculations. The I-pace’s exteriors are designed to surely turn heads. It contains both a bonnet scoop as well as a rear diffuser where both are meant to minimize the load of drag on the vehicle. This is one of the edges for great performance till the last drop of battery. Also, the interiors are completely different from what the competitors have to offer.

Audi E-Tron

This model is going to be the first preference of people who like to have a racing orientation over their SUVs. Audi has been a name that stands out on the sporty design, no matter whatever the theme is. The E-Tron S Sportsback is the promising model of the company for the coming future of luxury electric SUV.


As the adverse impact of fossil fuel as well as concerns over their depleting deposits are gaining a new height. These electric SUVs promise a new and cleaner future for the coming generations with almost the same or even more fun and utility.

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