The Beginners Guide To Electric Cars

An electric car is a vehicle that uses rechargeable cells to fuel electric motors that aid its movement. Though it was first produced in the 1880s. However, it was later brought back to the limelight in 2008 due to enhanced batteries. Since then, it has been experiencing a gradual increase in its level of purchase with over 250,000 products sold. Follow on to the end of this article to know more about electric cars.

To clear the thoughts of your mind, electric cars are like conventional cars that are still very much around with the same driving controls. However, the major difference is in the electric motors that run it.

The Beginners Guide To Electric Cars
The Beginners Guide To Electric Cars

Electric Cars Battery

Electric cars run on different kinds of batteries with Lithium-ion as the prominent type. The spectrum of an electric car defers based on the battery used. However, the lowest kind can cover up to 60 miles and the highest can cover up to 260 miles. And just like smartphones, the longevity of the battery also depends on the usage of the car and what it is powering

Electric Cars Charging

The charging of electric cars is done mostly overnight by the charging station built in the owner’s residence. It can also be done in the commercial charging stations. However, it takes at least 8 hours to charge up to 40-180 miles, depending on the charging outlet, and how fast the car can take in voltage.

Models And Types

Electric vehicles can be found in different sizes and styles from minivans to extravagant vans. Some are just the electric versions of the same model while others are newly built-in electric cars. Whichever it is, they are all classified based on their plug-ins which primarily are two types.

They are, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). The first works solely based on electricity while the latter works on electricity for a certain time before switching to the hybrid model.


  • Electric vehicles are silent due to their noiseless engine
  • They have cheaper sustenance cost as the cost of oil has been totally eradicated.
  • Electric vehicles also have a very low carbon emission, hence, reducing illnesses caused by air pollution
  • They are sporty to drive and convenient to charge at home


  • Electric cars are costlier than regular gas-powered vehicles.
  • Owners must have an available permit to a charging source and spot to park overnight for the charging.
  • Unlike the refuel of a gas-powered car that takes a few minutes. Electric cars take long hours which implies that they are not for fitting for emergencies.
The Beginners Guide To Electric Cars
The Beginners Guide To Electric Cars


One of the facts that you can rest assured of is that the improvement that is creeping into technology will soon override the problems electric vehicles are currently facing. Via technological innovation and economic favoritism. The gas-powered cars will soon go out of date in the advanced country. Hence, electric cars will gain ascendancy in those regions. And it will be purchasable at a cheaper price.

However, while electric cars are still at colossal prices. There are some applications developed. To help the current users navigate their way to the closest charging station. And some how-to’s about the car.

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