These Billionaire Luxurious Homes Are Simply Crazy (#7 Is My Favorite)

They say money can’t buy you pleasure or enjoyment, but it can buy you a whole bunch of things – and there’s plenty of room to fill when you own a mega-mansion that covers several thousand square feet.

Swish Supermansion (California, USA)

A building with a grassy field

This mega-mansion, also known as Sarbonne, competes for the crown of most lavish Bel Air land. The property stretches to 25,000 square feet with nine beautiful residences and provides an additional 20,000 square feet of outdoor space, including sundecks and manicured gardens. A cinema screen emerges from the lip of the spectacular swimming pool, featuring sculptures reminiscent of the Academy Awards. There is also a library, art gallery, spa, temperature-controlled wine cellar, and billiards room if that wasn’t enough.

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