Three Best Used Luxury Cars Under 30k

luxury cars under 30k

If you’re in the market for luxury cars, then you’ve probably been hearing about them for years, from your parents, your friends, coworkers, etc. But how much are you really sure you know about luxury cars? Is it really a luxury car when the price is close to an old clunker or minivan? Do you need one or are you fine with a four-door sedan or something simpler like a convertible? The answers depend on how you define luxury.

Of our favorite used luxury cars under 30k, we have the base model. It has the most options, but it’s also the least practical. You’re better off with a base model that offers no powertrain options or extras and simply has all-wheel drive. On the up side, if you want to change it up a bit, it’s easy to do by adding performance parts like aftermarket performance Alarms systems and high performance tires. Otherwise, you can just keep it as it is without any frills.

Consider The Lexus ES

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If you’d rather have a larger sedan with more functionality, consider a version of the Lexus ES. It’s the smallest of our used luxury cars under 30k, at only 23 inches wide. That means it’s perfect for city travel, not to mention the fact that it has all the performance features your heart desires, like a sporty suspension setup, powerful engines, aluminum alloy wheels, and a full complement of luxury features. It even has a sportier, sexier exterior, complete with quad tail lights, wraparound headlights, front and rear bumpers, front and rear spoilers, and front and rear deck vents. Base model even comes with a six-way adjustable airbag system and an automatic seatbelt pretensioner.

The Ford Fusion

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Of our favorite used luxury cars under 30k, the Ford Fusion has been one of the best values for its size. It offers a great combination of power, reliability, and style. It offers all the benefits of a smaller, lighter-weight sedan, without sacrificing its size. The Fusion is built on the Ford Motor Company’s redesigned Focus platform, which makes it the largest vehicle ever put into production by the company. And like the Focus, the Fusion is built on a five-year, 50k plus warranty.

The Toyota Prius

For those who want something bigger and a little bit more powerful, the Toyota Prius is a great choice. It’s the biggest example of our favorite used luxury cars under 30k. Like the Fusion, it’s built on the Ford Motor Company’s new Focus platform, making it one of the largest and most successful pre-owned vehicles ever produced by the automaker. And like the Focus, the Prius has a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty and a great safety rating.

Of our second-rated used luxury SUV, the Acura MDX is an all-around good choice. The SUV offers lots of luxury features in a small, fuel-efficient package. And like the Fusion, the MDX is built on a Ford platform.

Last Words

In our final article, we will look at the Volvo S80 all-wheel drive sedan. While it has some smaller luxury features than the others we have looked at, such as superior cabin materials and leather upholstery, it still sits at the top of our all-around best used luxury cars list. As it is one of the smallest sedans available today, it’s also perfect for someone who needs a smaller car to get around.

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