Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Cars

most expensive luxury cars

When you think of luxury cars, what do you see? Is it some stretch SUV with an overly large window that seems to be purposely built in the rear window so you can see out? Or is it that new Lexus you have been eyeing with your daughter? Perhaps the most expensive luxury car you have ever dreamed of is that new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and while you would love to have one, you can’t afford to buy one.

Costly Or Not?

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The problem is that luxury cars are not usually that expensive, to begin with. Sure, they cost a lot of money, but that does not mean they are beyond your reach. You can easily own a quality S-Class luxury car for a much smaller price than you would have expected. That’s because there are plenty of sources for used Mercedes-Benz Vessels and Quattroportes. These cars are trendy among private parties, sports teams, and students who need an all-wheel drive.

The Right Way To Calculate

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So, how exactly do you calculate the value of such an automobile? Well, for starters, you need to know the total cost of ownership of such an automobile. This means knowing the price per year of ownership for five years or more. Most luxury cars and many brand new luxury cars will come with a standard warranty covering significant components. These are typically manufacturer warranties that can make a substantial difference when determining your vehicle’s actual value.


Most expensive luxury cars and most brand new luxury sedans come standard with a warranty covering the parts and labor for a standard mileage rate. The parts and labor are not considered an expense but instead are parts of the overall warranty. So, when you figure in the cost of the premium brand name and the warranty fee, you will arrive at the amount of your car’s worth.

The Added Advantage

When it comes to determining your vehicle’s value, luxury cars have the added advantage of not depreciating as fast as other vehicles. So, this makes it easier to determine the value since depreciation is not an issue. Luxury vehicles are also much higher priced than most inexpensive vehicles. It is said that a car is only worth what someone will pay for it, and as long as the average Joe can afford a car, it is a precious asset.

What makes the Pagani Huayra so expensive?

Most expensive luxury cars such as these are high-performance automobiles that boast some very unique features. The vehicle has been claimed to be so advanced that it outperforms many luxury brand name cars that are on the market today. The Pagani Huayra can hit speeds of over 70 miles per hour and can reach a maximum height of twenty feet. In addition to being super fast, the Pagani Huayra also has a reputation for being quite elegant. It is said to be one of the most beautiful luxury vehicles that can meet even the most demanding standards. One of the main contributing factors to the vehicle’s beauty is the car’s 3.8-liter V-tech engine that is believed to produce more than a hundred horsepower. Additionally, the vehicle has also been equipped with both air conditioning and power steering.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a high-speed car that will offer you jaw-dropping views at all times, then the Pagani Koenigsegg Rage Deck Roadsters would be perfect for you. This compelling sports car has been designed with a sporty and classy design and, as a result, is capable of reaching speeds of more than seventy miles per hour. Like the ones mentioned above, most luxury cars can only dream about having the same rate as the Koenigsegg Rage Deck Roadsters.

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