What Does Hotel Star Ratings Mean

Hotel Star Ratings


Hotel Star

Hotel star ratings are a system of classification used in the hospitality industry. Star rankings represent an establishment’s overall quality and can be awarded to both luxurious hotels and restaurants. The stars indicate different levels of hotel amenities, facilities, cleanliness, service, etc.

The international standard for rating is set by the luxurious hotel stars Union which has established guidelines on how these ratings should be assigned based on criteria such as amenities and services offered, staff friendliness and professionalism, food hygiene standards, etc.

These guidelines may vary from country to country depending on local legislation but they generally follow the same pattern: three stars indicate high quality; four-star establishments offer excellent accommodation; five-star properties offer luxury accommodations with exceptional facilities like spas or golf courses; six-star class properties offer luxurious resorts and excellent recreational facilities.

Hotel stars ratings are typically awarded by the national tourist board of a country, such as Great Britain’s AA, Australia’s AAA Tourism Pty Ltd., and Italy’s Federal D’Agenzia per la Promozione Turistica S.p.A., to name just a few examples.

The following are examples of how luxurious hotels are rated based on star criteria for various countries around the world:

One-Star luxurious hotels/Inns:

Hotel Star

These budget accommodations usually have shared bathrooms in the corridor or an annex with outside entrances. A few may have private bathrooms which are inside the room but they offer very basic services and facilities like a communal TV lounge, no parking facility, etc.


Small family-run establishments providing comfortable accommodation with limited facilities targeted at middle-income customers looking for superior comfort over value;

Three stars:

Midscale hotel with better facilities offering a full range of amenities and services as well as larger guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms, multi-channel television service, internet connection, etc.

Four stars:

Quality facilities offering superior comfort and amenities targeted at people looking for excellent value rather than those who want the most luxurious accommodation;

Five-star luxurious hotels/resorts:

The first-class luxury offering a wide range of refined facilities and personalized high touch services targeted to meet everyone’s needs from business travelers to the ultra-rich or celebrities;

Sixth-Star luxurious hotels/Resorts:

Luxury resorts with superb recreational facilities target affluent patrons. Luxury Spa luxurious hotels are also categorized in this group. These alternatives are also called Leading Spas of the World (LSW) by the leading travel publisher “Travel & Leisure” magazine.

Top luxury resorts are also known as Luxury Destination Spas (LDS) or World-class Destination Spas (WD). These resort alternatives offer an all-inclusive experience that provides health, wellness, and beauty treatments. The treatment menu may include rejuvenating full-body massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, and other restorative services like fitness programs and guided workouts in the destination’s scenic surroundings. Some top resorts even provide gourmet food served by first-class chefs who prepare dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally from farmers’ markets or organic farms – the goal is to make guests feel like they are on a mini-vacation within their staycation at their hotel.

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