What is the Best Carpet Cleaner for Your Car?

car carpet cleaner

Carpet spot removal is easy with a carpet spray car carpet cleaner. There are a lot of different cleaners out there. Spray car carpet cleaners typically come in convenient small containers to carry around, simple to use, and will target hard to reach stains. They usually are best utilized to thoroughly clean the whole carpet surface but also work great for spot removal. Here are some more guidelines to help you make your decision.

Carpet Cleaner for Cars

Carpet Cleaner

If you’re trying to decide which one you should get you should first consider the size of the area to be cleaned. Many people prefer the convenience of a portable spray car carpet cleaner because it’s easy to transport and not too noticeable outside of a car. For areas like the interior, there are several options to choose from as well including steam cleaners. Make sure to test the cleaner out before buying since they may not be as effective on all types of stains and interior areas.

Carpet spot removal can be a tricky issue especially for high traffic areas like car seats. These seats collect dirt and debris a lot faster than the carpets. So to keep them looking nice, sometimes you have to spend more on the car carpet cleaners. But if you have a very dirty seat, it may be worth it in the long run to clean it out and prevent future stains.

The second thing to look at is how much scrubbing action the cleaner uses. A good car carpet cleaner should use a combination of upholstery brushes along with the vacuum. The upholstery brushes can help get rid of deeper seated dirt and other particles while the vacuum is able to remove the smaller ones. When you’re shopping for a cleaner, make sure you understand how the scrubbing actions work and whether or not you want a brush on only parts of the material.

The final consideration is how effective the cleaning agent is at removing odors. Some dyes and odor removers are stronger and are able to penetrate deeper into the carpet to loosen the dirt that’s been sitting on it. Others are designed to leave behind lighter odors that can be dissipated by blowing the odor away or using fans to clear the area.

The most important factor is what happens when you apply the chemical guys. It’s best to read the instructions carefully so you know how much is enough to do a good job. If you try too hard or too much, you can damage your carpet or have a reaction with the chemicals used. You also don’t want to mix a weak solution with a strong one since this can make the job difficult. Carpet spot removers can be harsh on the fabric so make sure you only use the right formula.

In addition to the actual stains, there may be some dents and scratches on your upholstery that you won’t be able to get out with a basic spotter. This is where an intercom system may come in handy. For harder stains, like mud or snow, a power washer is often the best way to go. Chemical cleaners can’t penetrate through all kinds of stains and only deal with the dirt that’s currently on the surface of the seat.

End Note

Carpet Cleaner

Most people think that cleaning their upholstery by themselves is a bad idea but some people have stubborn stains that they cannot clean without professional help. If you have a spot that’s become indented or is creating a tough stain, it’s time to call a professional. Even if you’re feeling brave, don’t try your own formula. It may work well for other stains but these won’t do you any good if you have a deep cleaning problem. Instead of trying your own you need to contact a company that has a good formula for this type of stain and one that will work fast.

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