Which are the 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World

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There are various parameters which decide the luxury quotient of a car. From their cosseting ride, to the refinement and technology used in their make, cars are called luxurious based on various factors. Some cars have made it to the top 3 list of the 3 best luxury cars in the world currently. Let us have a look.

Features in the Best Luxury Cars

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High end-executives or entrepreneurs prefer to drive or be driven in the best luxury cars. These cars should offer outstanding comfort in regards to the back and front seats both. The cars should have smooth ride, refined technology, powerful performance and much serve as status symbols for such dignified men and women. These cars should also have high levels of infotainment and connectivity systems to add to the convenience factor. They should serve as mobile offices too. These cars should feel great to drive or to be driven in.


This can be called the best exclusive car in the world currently. Although it does have a visual appeal factor as that in Jaguar XJ, it does offer a unique ownership experience that only one who owns it understands.It functions superbly and is a long-wheelbase saloon with unimaginable torsional rigidity, air suspension and adaptive dampers. This car is available in a choice of three petrol and a diesel engine. It has a nine-speed automatic equipment and an advanced 48v hybrid electric powertrain system that boosts its efficiency and performance both. It operates very quietly and smoothly. With precise steering and luxurious interiors, this car is certainly at the top currently. One also gets a 12.3 infotainment screen and a Mercedes’ Comand Online system.

Range Rover

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This latest exclusive car is the fourth generation of the brand and is as good as can get. It features new aluminium monocoque chassis. The car overall boasts of a luxurious agenda. The spacious interiors ooze of luxury and quality. Its seats are uber-classy and it has a very good driving position, making it very easy to handle a car of its size. The luxury car is quite heavy but has an exceptional ability. You feel more in command and get a visibility in driving this car than any other. 

Audi E-Tron Quattro

This premium electric car has a very fast range surprisingly and is also very versatile. This car is Audi’s first try at the zero-emission cars and it is a superb one. It boasts of a four-wheel drive with an incredible performance, SUV- level space and a convenient usability. What makes it most desirable is the Audi brand tag. It is also superbly hushed and very refined. It can travel in a range of 200 to 250 miles on a charge every day and has a potential for 150 kW rapid charging. 

These are the top 3 best luxury cars in the world currently. Owning any one of these will give you a feeling of extreme luxury and style. 

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